Explaining the New College Football Playoff System

This fall will see the first ever college football playoffs.  For years, many sports writers, fans and schools have been asking for a playoff system to try to combat the larger schools from being the only ones with a real shot at the national championship.  Non-BCS, Bowl Championship Series, teams rarely stood a chance at getting to play for the national championship as they usually weren’t invited to the top bowl games in the country.  The original idea behind the BCS was to whittle down the teams so that the top two college football teams played each other in a top bowl game to determine the best team for that season.  There were four bowl games selected to help determine the winner, with the championship rotated amongst them.  Those games were the Rose Bowl played in Pasadena California, the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix agen sbobet asia, the Orange Bowl in Miami and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

This year the playoffs will feature the top four teams in the country, no matter which conference they come from.  These teams will be determined by a selection committee made up of 13 members.  These members include athletic directors from five major conferences, former players, coaches and it also includes Condoleezza Rice.  The four teams will be matched in semifinal games and the two winners will play in the championship Casino Sbobet game

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Why Isn’t Soccer Popular in the United States?

This is a question that comes up every year when the World Cup comes along. Why isn’t soccer as popular in the United States as it is in the rest of the world?
Some people will argue that it didn’t originate here, so it’s not as appealing to those of us who reside in the United States. Baseball and American football are our sports, they will argue, and those are the ones that we put the most resources, time, and excitement into throughout the year. Look at how many football and baseball ads you see during their seasons? That tells you something right there.
Another reason is likely that Americans don’t put as much emphasis on the sport during childhood as they do other sports. Parents want their kids to play baseball, or football. They’re okay with soccer, but many parents just assume that it’s a stepping stone and not really something that their child is going to want to stick with later on. That being said, some high schools don’t even have soccer teams, so kids may not even have the option to play into high school.
Lastly, the leagues in the United States just aren’t that big. There are a lot of people who play soccer, but you won’t find a lot of American citizens who do so in a professional capacity.

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